Big Data Research: Will Industry Solve all the Problems?

In her keynote talk at the upcoming Very Large Data Bases Conference, Professor Magdalena Balazinska of the University of Washington poses this controversial question. Is there a place for academic research in Big Data management and analytics or will industry … Continue reading

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Winning at Big Data: What’s Math Got to Do with It? (A Lot)

Big Data describes a new era in the digital age in which the volume, velocity and variety of data created across a wide range of fields – from Internet search and social media to finance and healthcare to defense and … Continue reading

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Cutting the Cost and Power Consumption of Big Data Applications, in a Flash

It’s possible to cut the cost and power consumption of Big Data applications by using flash memory as a replacement for conventional RAM, according to new research from ISTC Principal Investigator Arvind and fellow researchers from MIT CSAIL, MIT, and Quanta Research … Continue reading

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