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Jack Dongarra

University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

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Research Interests

Jack Dongarra specializes in numerical algorithms in linear algebra, parallel computing, the use of advanced-computer architectures, programming methodology, and tools for parallel computers. He has contributed to the design and implementation of the following open-source software packages and systems: EISPACK, LINPACK, the BLAS, LAPACK, ScaLAPACK, Netlib, PVM, MPI, NetSolve, Top500, ATLAS, PAPI, PLASMA, and MAGMA.

In addition to his position at the University of Tennessee he is a Distinguished Research Staff member at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Computer Science and Mathematics Division, a Turing Fellow at the University of Manchester School of Mathematics and School of Computer Science, and an Adjunct Professor in the Computer Science Department at Rice University.

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