ISTC Researchers Present at CIDR 2015 January 5 & 6, 2015

ISTC for Big Data researchers will have a robust presence at CIDR 2015, the 7th biennial conference on innovative data systems research, January 4-7 in Asilomar, Calif.

Here are summaries of the talks to be given by researchers (click on the talk titles to download the papers or abstracts):

Changing the Face of Database Services with Personalized Service Level Agreements

Magdalena Balazinska of the University of Washington and her co-authors will present an approach for generating Personalized Service Level Agreements (PSLAs) that separate cloud users from the details of compute resources behind a cloud database management service and allow trading off performance for cost in a manner specific to the user’s database.  When: Tuesday, January 6, 1:015 – 3:00 PM.  Read more about the work in this blog post.

DataHub: Collaborative Data Science & Dataset Version Management at Scale

Anant Bhardwaj and Sam Madden of MIT CSAIL and their co-authors will propose (a) a dataset version control system, giving users the ability to create, branch, merge, difference and search large, divergent collections of datasets; and (b) a platform, DataHub, that gives users the ability to perform collaborative data analysis building on this version control system.  When: Monday, January 5, 1:15 – 2:30 PM.  Read more about the work in this blog post.

Tupleware: ‘Big’ Data, Big Analytics, Small Clusters

The Brown University team of Andrew Crotty, Alex Galakatos, Kayhan Dursun, Tim Kraska, Ugur Cetintemel, and Stan Zdonik will describe their vision for the design of Tupleware, a new system specifically aimed at complex analytics on small clusters. Tupleware brings together ideas from the database and compiler communities to create a powerful end-to-end solution for data analysis that compiles workflows of user-defined functions into distributed programs.  When:  Tuesday, January 6, 10:00 – 11:45 AM.  Read the team’s blog post.

Data Visualization Management Systems

Eugene Wu, former PhD student/ISTC Researcher at MIT CSAIL and now assistant professor at Columbia University, will outline a unified approach to visualization, using a Data Visualization Management System (DVMS). When: Monday, January 5, 7:15 PM

Robust Data Transformations

Alekh Jindal of MIT CSAIL will present a new paradigm for making data transformation a better tool to help and guide analysts to make better and faster use of their data. When: Monday, January 5, 7:15 PM

Desiderata for a Big Data Language

David Maier of Portland State University will present a new framework that can span all data management and analytics systems for big data and simplify the programming and maintenance of Big Data applications to meet the goals of portability and multi-server applications. When:  Monday, January 5, 7:15 PM.  Read the blog post.

Big Data Science Needs Big Data Middleware

Bill Howe of the University of Washington will describe a common programming model for big data systems, subscribing to three design principles: algebra at the core; parallel at the core; iteration at the core. When:  Monday, January 5, 7:15 PM. Read the blog post.


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