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The Intel Science & Technology Center for Big Data ran August 2012 to August 2017.

August 31, 2017: The Intel Science & Technology Center for Big Data concludes its mission. It ran September 2012 to August 2017. Read what the ISTC accomplished in this blog post by Michael Stonebraker, Samuel Madden and Timothy Mattson.

News Releases

August 16, 2017, The Big Data ISTC (2012-2017): A Retrospection by Michael Stonebraker, Samuel Madden and Timothy Mattson

June 26, 2017, ISTC Releases Open Source Code for S-Store Transactional Streaming System

March 27, 2017, ISTC Releases Open Source Code for BigDAWG Polystore System

April 12, 2016, TileDB and GenomicsDB Now Available in Open Source

May 30, 2012,   MIT’s ‘Big Data’ Proposal Wins National Competition to Be Newest Intel Science and Technology Center

May 30, 2012, MIT & Intel Join State of Massachusetts to Tackle Big Data

News Articles and Broadcast Stories

August 21, 2017, MIT News Office, “Using Machine Learning to Improve Patient Care.”

July 7, 2017, insideBigData, “Interview: Michael Stonebraker, Adjunct Professor, MIT Computer Science and AI Laboratory (CSAIL)”

July 5, 2017, Datanami, “What’s Challenging in Big Data Now: Integration and Privacy”

March 8, 2017, Association for Computing Machinery, “People of ACM” (An Interview with Jeffrey Heer)

October 24, 2016, Communications of the ACM blog, “Database Decay and What To Do About It”

July 25, 2016, The Next Platform, “MIT Pushes Latency Limits with Distributed Flash”

June 2016, ACM SIGMOD Record (Vol 45, No. 2), “What’s Really New with NewSQL?”

April 6, 2016, Scientific Computing, “Broad Institute, Intel Co-develop Tools to Accelerate Biomedical Research”

February 2016, Communications of the ACM (vol. 59 no. 2), “The Land Sharks Are on the Squawk Box”

July 29, 2015,, “Turing-Award Winner Stonebraker on the Future of Taming Big Data”

July 15, 2015, Communications of the ACM, “Exascale Computing and Big Data”

July 13,2015, ACM SIGMOD Blog, “The Case for Polystores”

July 13, 2015, Computerworld, “MIT proves flash is as fast as RAM, and cheaper, for big data”

July 13, 2015, IT World, “MIT comes up with a ‘no-memory’ solution for Big Data”

June 22, 2015, Xconomy, “Where the Red Book Meets the Unicorn”

June 22, 2015, Boston Business Journal, “‘Nobel prize for computer science’ is officially awarded to this Boston tech luminary”

June 1, 2015, WBUR Radio Boston, “How the MIT Intel Center Develops Tomorrow’s Monitoring Tools” (podcast)

May/June 2015, IEEE Internet Computing, “Emerging Hardware Trends in Large-Scale Transaction Processing”

April 17, 2015, ZDNet, “The Elephant’s Dilemma: What Does the Future of Databases Really Look Like?”

April 16, 2015, Boston Magazine, “Q&A with Turing Award-Winner Michael Stonebraker”

March 25, 2015, Fortune, “Michael Stonebraker, serial database genius, brings home Turing Award”

March 25, 2015, MIT News Office, “Michael Stonebraker Wins $1 Million Turing Award”

February 15, 2015, UW CSE News, Magda Balazinska honored with with Career Development Professorship

February 15, 2015, “What is the Future of Machine Learning?”

January 27, 2015, HPC Wire, “Molecule to Universe: What are the Challenges to ASC 15?”

January 8, 2015, MIT News Office, “Five CSAIL Researchers Named ACM Fellows

October 2, 2014, UW CSE News, “UW CSE’s Jeff Heer is One of 14 Moore Foundation ‘Data-Driven Discovery Investigators’”

August 17, 2014, New York Times, “For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ is Key Hurdle to Insights”

August 15, 2014, MIT News, “Visual Control of Big Data”

August 5, 2014, Blog@CACM, Mike Stonebraker on “Hadoop at a Crossroads?”

April 7, 2014, MIT News, “Big, Fast, Weird Data”

June 18, 2014, HPCWire, “An Easier, Faster Programming Language”

June 16, 2014,, “High-Performance Computing Programming with Ease”

March 4, 2014, WBUR Radio, “At MIT Workshop, Researchers Weigh Pros, Cons of ‘Big Data'”

March 4, 2014, GigaOm, “Does Your Private Data Really Need to Be That Private?”

March 3, 2014, Boston Globe, “At MIT, Weighing Balance of Privacy and Big Data”

February 5, 2014, MIT Technology Review, “Storage System for ‘Big Data’ Dramatically Speeds Access to Big Data”

December 14, 2013, GigaOm, “Five Predictions on the Future of Databases (from a guy who knows databases)”

November 19, 2013, “People of ACM” [Jack Dongarra]

November 2013, Search Cloud Computing, “MIT researchers look beyond encryption for tighter cloud data security”

November 6, 2013, Forbes, “Simplifying Interactive, Real-Time and Advanced Analytics”

October 29, 2013, Gizmag, “MIT’s 110-core Execution Migration Machine moves instructions to the data”

October 21, 2013, HPCWire, “GPU Database Speeds Big Data Visualization”

October 18, 2013, MIT Technology Review, “Graphics Chips Help Process Big Data Sets in Milliseconds”

October 8, 2013, HPCWire, “[Jack] Dongarra Honored with Ken Kennedy Award for Contributions to Supercomputing”

April 22, 2013, Data Informed, “Fast Database Emerges from MIT Class, GPUs and Student’s Invention”

April 5, 2013, GigaOm, “You Want to Crunch Top-Secret Data Securely? CryptDB May Be the App for That”

April 4, 2013, Boston Business Journal, “‘Big Data’ Forefather Michael Stonebraker Shows No Signs of Slowing Down After Four Decades”

March 14, 2013, Blog@CACM, Mike Stonebraker on  “What Does ‘Big Data’ Mean? (Part 4)”

January 24, 2013,  Science Live!, “The Future of Supercomputers,” featuring Jack Dongarra

November 20, 2012, Blog@CACM, Mike Stonebraker on “What Does ‘Big Data’ Mean? (Part 3)”

November 13, 2012, MIT News Office, “Speeding Algorithms by Shrinking Data”

October 9, 2012, Blog@CACM, Mike Stonebraker on “What Does ‘Big Data’ Mean? (Part 2)”

October 4, 2012, New Scientist, “The Real Tron: IT Security as a Shoot ’em Up”

September 20, 2012, Campus Technology, “New MIT Tool Speeds Database Transactions”

September 21, 2012, Blog@CACM: Mike Stonebraker on “What Does Big Data Mean?”

September 18, 2012, Datanami,  “CSAIL Rides Big Data Visualization Wave”

August 31, 2012, MIT News Office, “Making Web Applications More Efficient”

August 24, 2012, MIT News Office, “Making Crowdsourcing Easier”

July 27, 2012, EMC TV, “IT Insider with MIT Professor Sam Madden”

July 19, 2012, InformationWeek, “Why Big is Bad When It Comes to Data”

July 17, 2012, Technology Review, “Your Laptop Can Now Analyze Big Data”

June 18, 2012, Computerworld, “Massachusetts Joins MIT, Intel to Tackle Big Data”

June 13, 2012, The Takeaway with John Hockenberry (radio), “How Big Data Can Solve Big Problems” (interview with Sam Madden)

June 7, 2012, National Public Radio, “Big Data Needs May Create Thousands of Industry Jobs,” (featuring interviews with Sam Madden and Intel’s Justin Rattner)

June 4, 2012, Emily Rooney Show, WGBH Radio, “MIT Bets Big on Big Data” (interview with Sam Madden)

May 31, 2012,  MITnews, “MIT, Intel Unveil New Initiatives Addressing “Big Data’

May 31, 2012,  WBUR Radio, “Intel Teams Up With MIT To Bring Big Data Research To Mass.,”(interview with Sam Madden)

May 31, 2012, Science Business, “MIT, Intel to Collaborate on Big Data Research)

May 31, 2012,  ZDNet, “Intel Chooses MIT as Big Data Research Center”

May 30, 2012, Boston Globe. “Mass. and MIT Launching Big Data Initiatives”

May 30, 2012, GigaOm, “MIT, Intel Bring More Big Data Jobs to Massachusetts”

May 30, 2012, BostInno, “MIT & Intel Partner to Bring More Big Data to Boston”

May 30, 2012, PC World, “Massachusetts to Tackle Big Data with MIT, Intel”

May 30, 2012, The Chronicle of Higher Education, “MIT Establishes Research Center to Harness Big Data”

May 30, 2012, Boston Business Journal, “Intel to Back New MIT ‘Big Data’ with $12.5 Million”

May 30, 2012, Mass High Tech, “MIT, State Work to Foster ‘Big Data’ Cluster”

May 30, 2012, SmartPlanet, “MIT, Intel to Collaborate to Research Big Data”

May 29, 2012, xconomy, “Massachusetts New Big Data Initiative to Include MIT, Intel and Hackreduce”