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Information Science and Technology Consultants (ISTC) is a website that can help you with your data consultation needs. We understand that with a large volume of data, it is hard to manage and handle. What we do here in ISTC is set and draw meaningful answers to big data problems and as well as provide insights on possible next steps. Here we have services that can help your companies or business with pressing issues regarding big data.

As we know that data analytics is crucial and useful to almost all enterprises, whoever requires consultations and service with regards to a large number of values, data, and numeric information, we have consultation services fit for your needs.

With ISTC, we provide a variety of data consultations, which are such proven useful expertise in the field of big data analysis. We have come up with a team of experts in this area and even has established partnerships with multiple large big data companies that are known for their expertise in this field.

Our consultations would include for the field of Health, Teradata, Cloud Technology, Private Cloud, and of course, Data Analytics. ISTC is the site that can provide you with consultations that you would need when you need it.