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Who Are The Big Data Tech Companies?

The technological industry is filled with BIG data companies, and numbers are even growing. Big Data would be a term that describes and refers to basically a large volume of data that are both unstructured and structured. This large volume of data is the one that inundates a certain business on a day-to-day basis. Big data can, later on, analyze and interpret these data for added insights, leading to strategical and better decision-making. Here are the largest big data companies in the field of tech.


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A company that has been founded 40 years ago, Prolific is now a well-known global digital transformation company with over 1,200 employees across its 11 offices located in Europe, North America, and India. Prolific’s expertise focuses more on a cloud, Development operations, data and analytics, quality assurance, and digital businesses across a large variety of industries. The company is also known for offering service on data management services, which would include data governance, data scanning, and data integration.


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Back by their firm, filled with vast technical experts, Clairvoyant is currently the leading multinational data engineering and science firm. Clairvoyant is known for its expertise in building high-quality data solutions specifically designed for multiple enterprises across various domains. The solutions being provided by the firm are continuously loved by clients because of its ease of use and providing continuous and lasting help to companies in order to efficiently analyze huge volumes of data rapidly.

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